To have a memorable event(s), photography can’t be taken out because it leaves life-time memories. We understand how expensive and exciting memories are hence we providing a professional service in photography that will forever serve memory purposes.

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Branding is a critical tool for every organization because its overall impact on your organization is non-negotiable. Knowing very well how branding increases the value of an organization and by providing direction, motivation and also acquiring new customers becoming easier, we ensure your organization is well represented in all aspect through branding. We have the strategy to brand your organization to gain trust and improve recognition.

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We cater for all events such as Marriage ceremonies (engagement/wedding), birthday parties, corporate events and funerals. We offer breakfast, lunch, snacks, cakes etc..per your request.

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Event Planning and Organization

We fully understand the pressure and challenges that come with events. And knowing how precious your event is to you, we offer a helping hand and in effect, take off massive pressure on you. In other to have a successful event, we will meet with you to fully understand your needs, budget and most importantly, your priorities. We will however, come up with an event design that will best fit your budget and expectations which of course will lead to a colourful and successful event. Perbtocol Service has the capabilities to help you to have a memorable event and this is done from the first day you contact us till the end of the event. Base on the information you share with us, we will determine how best to plan and organize a successful event. Our ultimate goal is to help you have a hustle free event.

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